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JP2MRI Creates Ethical Human Stem Cells to Replace HEK293

In a previous video, Dr. Alan Moy discusses how the HEK293 cell line, by itself, produces advanced medicines valued over 100 billion dollars annually for the biopharmaceutical industry. The HEK293 cell is routinely used to produce research/diagnostic reagents, vaccines, viral research products, cell therapy, biologics and gene therapy. The HEK293 cell represents the most serious ethically controversial cell that threatens Catholics and the Catholic healthcare system. Moreover, the HEK293 cell has significant scientific shortcomings that impacts drug efficacy and safety. This latter issue should concern all healthcare consumers regardless of whether one is religious or not.

In this presentation entitled, "The Unrecognized Future Crisis to Catholics and Catholic Healthcare from Secular Biotechnology- Solving the HEK293 Cell Dilemma", Dr. Moy highlights data where JP2MRI integrates adult stem cells, synthetic biology, gene editing and bioprocessing to produce ethical and genetically-modified adult stem cell lines to offer a replacement cell line to HEK293 that we believe in the end, will not only be ethically non-controversial, but will provide scientific advantages in drug safety and efficacy.

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