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Hold Your Own Fundraising Event


For all you creative go getters, and we know there are many of you out there, show your support for John Paul II Medical Research Institute by coming up with your own plan to help raise money for ethical medical research to find cures. Your fundraiser can be large or small, because every cent and every dollar will help advance our mission to find better therapies and educate others about the importance of upholding the dignity of all human life.


If you need suggestions for possible fundraising events, here are just a few of the possibilities:


1) Bake Sale; 2) Spaghetti Dinner; 3) Fish Fry; 4) 5K/10K Race; 5) Corporate Golf Outing; 6) Walk for a Cause (Pick a Disease our Institute is Researching); 7) Silent Auction; 8) Office Pool to See Who Can Raise the Most Funds.


Be Creative and Have Fun! Sign up to hold a fundraiser or receive more information.


Download fundraiser guide to get started!

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