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Research Overview


The John Paul II Medical Research Institute (JP2MRI) focuses on the most ethical and cost-effective way of conducting medical research to help develop therapies and cures for diseases which currently have few medical treatments or are not being given adequate research and financial attention by the medical community at large. While every disease has its own unique scientific complexities, most diseases share some common features that require a platform or technology to be initially created before therapies and cures can be realized. The Institute is currently focusing on creating this infrastructure and core technology to serve as a catalyst to support these diseases. A diagram of this issue is illustrated below.

The Institute focuses on developing regenerative medicine therapeutic approaches to treat our core priorities of neurodegenerative disease, rare disease, cancer and common diseases that are underperformed by the biopharmaceutical industry. The Institute's approach is to develop platform technologies with stem cells, genetics and proteins to produce and ultimately test these therapies. The Institute focuses on approaches that do not use cells derived from human embryos or aborted fetuses which are prevalent in secular medical research conducted by academia, government laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.


1. We do NOT support embryonic stem cell research. We support research that is pro-life driven.


2. We devote more than half of our budget towards medical research, which is far greater than most established foundations.


Please remember that financial gifts to JP2MRI are considered a charitable donation to a non-profit organization and which may be deducted on your income tax return. As always, thank you very much for being a loyal supporter and for your efforts on behalf of John Paul II Medical Research Institute. We look forward to making great strides in 2014 and updating you on our Institute’s progress.


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Checks can be made payable to: John Paul II Medical Research Institute


John Paul II Medical Research Institute

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