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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question 1): Does the John Paul II Medical Research Institute use embryonic stem cells in any of their research efforts?


Answer: No. The Institute does not work on embryonic stem cell research nor do we lobby and support the use of this cell.


Question 2):  Does the John Paul II Medical Research Institute perform animal testing in their research efforts?


Answer: The Institute does not currently use animals in its medical research.  However, animals would likely be needed in any research that the Food and Drug Administration requires before human testing. 


Question 3): Does the John Paul II Medical Research Institute perform research on specific diseases or research areas?


Answer: The Institute focuses on diseases that historically receive little attention or in diseased areas that are underperformed by the current scientific community.  These areas include neurodegenerative disorders, rare disease, cancer and those diseases that would benefit from adult stem cells (e.g. pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, autoimmune disorders and metabolic disorders).


Question 4): Is the John Paul II Medical Research Institute a non-profit medical research institute as defined by IRS 501(c)(3)?


Answer: The Institute is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations are considered tax deductible charitable donations. 


Question 5): Does the John Paul II Medical Research Institute have support of the Vatican? What local or national support does the Institute have in their efforts?


Answer: The Institute has received acknowledgement and support from Cardinal (), US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Iowa Bishops, Catholic Medical Association and several state councils of the Knights of Columbus. 


Question 6): How can I help support the John Paul II Medical Research Institute?


Answer: There are several ways one can support the Institute.  These approaches include the following:

                     A. Financial support.

                     B. Inform your grassroot network of friends, school and church.

                     C. Contact your local Knight of Columbus council to support                               the Institute.

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