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How Does JP2MRI Compare with Secular Medical Research Organizations?

One of the frequently asked questions that the John Paul II Medical Research Institute gets is how does the Institute compare and compete with established secular, non government organizations or NGOs that support medical research and have been around much longer and received far more public funding? If they can't find treatments and cures for diseases for the patients that they advocate, how can JP2 achieve that goal with less money?

In this Rumble video, Dr. Alan Moy responds by saying, you're asking the wrong questions. The questions that individuals should be asking are: (1) What should be the most important objective of a medical NGO that advocates for patients with a clinical disease?; (2) What are reasonable metrics that NGOs should be judged for developing treatments for the patients that they advocate for?; (3) Is the public getting value from NGOs when it comes to advancing therapies?; (4) How can NGOs best contribute to drug development?; (5) What therapeutic modalities such as small molecules, large molecules, vaccine, gene therapy, and cell therapy do NGOs support and take leadership positions to advance for the patients that they advocate for?; (6) Do NGOs support medical research that use morally illicit human cells that conflict with their donors moral value system?

If individuals currently are supporting a secular medical research NGO and you don't know the answers to these questions, you need to watch this video and share it with your friends and family. In this presentation entitled, "How does JP2MRI compare with secular medical research organizations?", Dr. Moy will address these questions.

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