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How Secular Biotechnology Will Threaten Catholic Healthcare

April 2018


A recent review article written by Dr. Alan Moy reviews the state of secular biotechnology in which embryonic stem cells and aborted fetal tissue are used in a variety of medical products such as stem cells, gene therapy and protein therapeutics. This biotechnology will change the moral and economic landscape of Catholic healthcare-negatively impacting patients, Catholic hospitals and pro-life healthcare workers.

The article cites specific solutions on what pro-life individuals and organizations need to do to avoid this forthcoming crisis.

The solutions are:

1. Catholics need to exercise greater due diligence in investigating which private medical research organizations support research that support embryonic stem cells and aborted fetal tissue.
2. Catholic health networks and foundations need to be educated in biotechnology and become more actively involved in advancing pro-life biotechnology.
3. Catholic media organizations need to use their media platforms to communicate and educate Catholic audiences on the biotechnology issues that confront them.
4. Catholic universities need to increase their emphasis in biomedical research and participate in research consortiums to advance pro-life biotechnology.
5. Catholic financial institutions need to invest and financially capitalize a biopharmaceutical industry that is consistent with Catholic teaching.
6. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops needs to update the next edition of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services and provide guidelines on biotechnology and its implication on Catholic health care.


To read the full article, click here.

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