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Iowa Board of Medicine Decision Against Alan Moy, MD

In this video from Rumble, Dr. Alan Moy discusses the outcome of an investigation by the Iowa Board of Medicine against him. An anonymous complaint was made to the Iowa Board of Medicine, which alleged that he disseminated misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. What was unique about his case is that the alleged misinformation was done out of a personal financial conflict of interest to promote the Institute's "Campaign for Cures" to develop a competitive vaccine that could be offered to religious consumers. The alleged public misinformation that he was accused of making was that the COVID-19 vaccines were ineffective to the extent that they could not prevent infection, nor stop viral transmission. Dr. Moy discusses the background on why he decided to include coronavirus vaccine program as an additional priority to the Institute's therapeutic priorities. He discusses the failures of "Operation Warp Speed" and he discusses his experience with high level government officials within the Department of Health and Human Services that led to his decision to include respiratory virus vaccine research a priority of the "Campaign for Cures". Important scientific data is discussed on why coronavirus vaccines should not be administered to infants.

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