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The Unrecognized Crisis to Catholics From Secular Biotechnology-Launching a Pro-Life Biotech Sector

In the last video, Dr. Alan Moy highlights the scope of the problem in which the biopharmaceutical industry uses embryonic stem cells and aborted fetal in the manufacturing of products and services. Morally illicit human cells produces over a 100 billion dollars a year in manufactured products for the biopharmaceutical industry or 25% of all revenue earned by the industry. In 5 years, this market segment will double unless ethical alternative biotechnologies are developed and distributed. In the last video, Dr. Moy discussed the barriers to reverse this trend from within this industry and discussed the lack of support within the major Catholic institutions and the lack of public research funding that is set aside to facilitate change.

In this presentation entitled, "The Unrecognized Future Crisis to Catholic and Catholic Healthcare From Secular Biotechnology-Launching a Pro-Life Biotech Sector", Dr. Moy discuss the rationale and early efforts to launch, for the first time, private for-profit and non-profit organizations to address this enormous problem.

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