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March 2020 Newsletter - "Campaign for Cures" - 2019 Update and 2020 Goals to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine

March 20, 2020
Thanks to the support of our donors, the John Paul II Medical Research Institute raised $280,000 towards our $300,000 "Campaign for Cures" research goal in 2019. "Campaign for Cures" was launched in 2019 to establish ethically derived human cell lines to replace current cell lines created from aborted fetal tissue, the latter of which are being widely used in vaccines, gene and cell therapy, protein medicines and other bio-manufacturing applications. In 2019, JP2MRI's goal was to use the funds to demonstrate that we could develop methods to create "immortalized" human adult stem cell lines. All cells eventually die over time and have a limited shelf life unless they are made immortal. JP2MRI is very happy to report that after more than eight months, we created two immortalized cell lines. This is a HUGE scientific milestone which could not have been accomplished without our donor's financial support and for which we offer our deepest thanks! So, what's next in 2020 and how can you help?

For 2020, the Institute will continue the "Campaign for Cures" and devote the effort towards COVID-19. To read the March 2020 newsletter regarding our research plans, download the newsletter.
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