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The Future Crisis to Catholics From Secular Biotechnology-Solving the Embryonic Stem Cell Dilemma

In the last series of videos, Dr. Alan Moy highlights the scope of the problem from morally-illicit human cells. Dr. Moy discusses the need for a pro-life biotechnology sector. Embryonic stem cells are routinely used in drug development and are being contemplated as a cell therapy for treating chronic diseases. They are used routinely to evaluate drug safety. Embryonic stem cells represent a 2 billion dollars a year market that is growing at 9% annually. Embryonic stem cells represent an ethical challenge for Catholics and pro-life healthcare consumers.

In this presentation entitled, "The Unrecognized Future Crisis to Catholics and Catholic Healthcare from Secular Biotechnology-Solving the Embryonic Stem Cell Dilemma", Dr. Moy will highlight our research to create a new benchmark in pluripotent stem cell technology. This research resulted from the collaboration between CET and JP2MRI. This technology creates pluripotent stem cells that are cheaper and quicker to manufacture, ethical and safer than embryonic stem cells and any prior pluripotent stem cell.

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