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General Background for Universal (Off-The-Shelf) Stem Cell Therapies


The Institute has the largest pipeline of human adult stem cells.  These adult stem cells are derived from bone marrow, fat aspirate, cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue.  The Institute also co-developed the first-in-class virus-free and oncogene-free induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology which are safer pluripotent stem cells and an ethical replacement of embryonic stem cells.

The Institute has identified select human adult stem cells that are well suited to serve as a universal stem cell that is immune-tolerant and can be given to any patient regardless of the patient's HLA-status-analogous to O-negative blood transfusion.  This stem cell, called CET-JP2-2007, which was co-developed with Cellular Engineering Technologies, is very amendable for genetic modification; has great growth potential; and produces proteins exceedingly well.

CET-JP2-2007 does not require aborted fetal tissue or human embryos. CET-JP2-2007 has the potential to serve as a cell therapy, gene therapy, biologic producer and vaccine.

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