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Vaccine Mandates Won't Stop COVID-19 & How to Advance Biotechnology Without Morally-Illicit Cells

In this video presentation, Dr. Alan Moy provides comprehensive data on COVID-19 vaccines and early treatment for COVID-19. Dr. Moy provides data that argues that there has been a failure in the regulatory process and COVID-19 vaccine mandates are ineffectual in containing the spread of COVID because the virus is increasingly escaping vaccine immunity; cannot prevent viral transmission because of a lack of respiratory mucosal immunity; is inducing variants; and has a very high poor safety record due to antibody development enhancement, spike protein toxicity and autoimmune disorders. Dr. Moy argues that the vaccine should not be given to those that recovered, pregnant and nursing women, healthy individuals without risk factors and children because the risks exceed the benefits. Thus, the data does not support the Catholic Church's assertion that individuals of low risk should take the vaccine out of some sense of charity. Dr. Moy also discusses what lessons have been learned about producing a more robust and durable vaccine. He provides an update and highlights what type of vaccine is being pursued by the Institute and describes the differential scientific and ethical advantages of the Institute's vaccine research program. Lastly, Dr. Moy explains how ubiquitous morally-illicit cells are used by the pharmaceutical industry and how it will undermine the Catholic healthcare system and impact Christian scientists, healthcare providers and patients, and he offers solutions how these problems can be reversed by new technical innovations achieved by the Institute and its effort to initiate a pro-life biotech industry sector.

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